ACC Guidelines and Procedures

Section 5.01 of the Covenants directs the Board to appoint three members of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), which “... shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all original construction modifications, additions or alterations made on or to lots, structures or dwelling units and the open spaces appurtenant thereto. The ACC shall promulgate design and development guidelines and specific architectural standards for all properties within the Subdivision. The ACC may provide different requirements and guidelines for different types of Lots within the Subdivision and may permit exceptions to be made by the ACC for architectural merit.” 

Section 5.02 of the Covenants states that  “The purpose of the ACC is to review and approve any proposed installation, construction or alteration of any Structure on any Lot.”

Section 5.05 of the Covenants affirms that “The ACC shall, from time to time, adopt, promulgate, amend, revoke, and enforce guidelines( the “Design Standards”) for the purpose (iv) of assuring conformity and harmony of the external design and quality of the Development.”

In the event of a violation of the Design Standards, the Covenants, Bylaws, or Association rules and regulations, the Association may take any action set forth in the By-Laws or the Covenants, including the levying of fines and suspension of voting rights and use of recreational areas.  In addition, the Association may remedy the violation and/or seek injunctive relief requiring the removal or the fixing of the violation. In any such enforcement action, the Association will seek to recover the costs incurred in enforcing compliance to the fullest extent authorized by law.

Procedure to Submit a Renovation Plan to ACC:

  • The homeowner submits a plan to ACC. Submissions are not in any standard format and may or may not include architectural renderings or formal landscape designs.
  • The ACC Chairperson reviews the plan and presents it to the Committee.
  • Neighbors may need to provide additional information about the plan, and the Committee may need to visit the property.
  • Committee members may ask for plan revisions.  
  • The Chairperson discusses with the Homeowner any revisions or changes to the plan.
  • When major changes are being made to a property, the ACC asks homeowners to discuss with their surrounding neighbors the scope of the project and the potential impact on their neighbor’s property.
  • All Committee members vote on the approval or disapproval of the plan.
  • If a project impacts the Community, the Committee presents the plan to the HOA Board for approval.
  • The ACC Chairperson sends a signed letter to the homeowner with the Committee vote results.

Procedure to Follow when Disputes from neighbors arise:

  • There have been times when neighbors have come to ACC and the Board when a project has not turned out according to the original plan. ACC has gone back to the Homeowner to ask for a project update and resolution to the issue. If this approach has not resolved the issue, ACC has asked the Board President to step in.
  • In some instances, the ACC has been asked to resolve landscape issues between neighbors.  If the ACC did not approve the project and it is not in violation of the Design Standards, we have asked neighbors to resolve it among themselves.