Tennis & Pavilion

Camden Place homeowners have access to a thriving tennis community, with Ladies, Men's, and Mixed Doubles Teams that play year-round. We offer a range of team levels that are offer social and competition opportunities for a range of tennis levels from beginner to advanced. Our four lighted tennis courts make it possible to play from 8 AM to 10 PM throughout the year. The courts are always well maintained and resurfaced on a regular basis as required. One section of the court area also sports a basketball hoop for recreational use. A covered Pavilion sits right next to the courts allowing for protected viewing and is a great place for outdoor social gatherings. It may also be opened up to connect to the pool area for special events. The courts are protected by a code-entry system and homeowners may reserve the courts through an online reservation system.

Tennis Court Rules and Regulations

Download a copy of our Rules & Regulations

The Board of Directors of Camden Place Homeowners Association, in consideration of health, safety, comfort and convenience of all Homeowners and Residents, has the authority, stated in Article VII of its Bylaws, to establish rules and regulations governing the use of the Association facilities. The following are Rules and Regulations for the use of the Association’s Tennis & Basketball courts.

  • The Tennis & Basketball courts are for the exclusive use of Camden Place Homeowners, its Residents, and
    their Guests;
  • Reservations for the use of the Tennis courts are required to be made via the ReserveMyCourt website;
  • The use of the Basketball court (located on Tennis Court # 4) does not require a reservation. It can be used
    only when there are no tennis games reserved in Court # 4;
  • The courts may be reserved by the Homeowners Association for special events, such as instructional
    programs, tennis tournaments, and other purposes. Notice of such events will be posted on the
    ReserveMyCourt website;
  • Children twelve (12) years of age and younger must be accompanied by a person thirteen (13) years of age
    or older to use the courts, except for activities sponsored by the Association for children of that age;


  1. The Association is represented by the Tennis Manager. Any conflicts shall be addressed to the Tennis Manager,
    who will bring the issue to the Board of Directors if it cannot be satisfactorily resolved;
  2. The Tennis Manager has the authority to use her/his discretion to enforce the rules to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Furthermore, the Tennis Manager has the authority to ask anyone to leave the Tennis courts for infractions of the rules or when safety is threatened;
  3. Safety is of primary concern to the Association and its Members. All persons using the Tennis & Basketball
    3.1. Do so at their own risk;
    3.2. Agrees to hold Camden Place Homeowners Association and its Board of Directors harmless of injury;
    3.3. Agrees to abide by the rules for use of the facilities;
    3.4. The Association assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for any
    loss or damage to personal property;
    3.5. Homeowners and Residents are responsible for the actions of their Children and Guests. 
  4. The Tennis & Basketball courts' hours of operation are:
    4.1. Daily, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm;
    4.2. The lights on the Tennis courts can be turned on by the Tennis players themselves at the switch at each gate. The lights will go off automatically at 10:10 pm. If players want to turn the lights off earlier, the red button
    at the switch will allow them to do so;
    4.3. The Tennis Manager is responsible for the supervision of the Tennis timer;
    4.4. Access to the Bathrooms will also lock at 10:10 pm;
    4.5. No person shall use the tennis courts outside of the hours stated above;
    4.6. Unauthorized persons found inside the tennis and enclosure when the Tennis & Basketball courts are closed may lose their privileges for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days and risk prosecution for trespassing or other related offenses;
  5. Use of the Tennis & Basketball courts shall be limited to a one (2) hour time limit for singles play or doubles play if there are persons waiting to use the court.
  6. Use of Court # 4 for Basketball purposes may be used if there is no reservation for playing tennis on it;
  7. No more than four players per court are permitted on the Tennis courts;
  8. No more than six players are permitted on the Basketball court;
  9. Smoking is prohibited on the courts;
  10. Food and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the courts. Intoxicated persons are prohibited on the courts at any time;
  11. Glass and other breakable objects are prohibited on courts;
  12. Courts are to be used for Tennis & Basketball play only. Play equipment including skates and skateboards, toys, play pens, wheeled vehicles including bicycles (except wheelchairs), scooters or motorized vehicles and alike are prohibited on the courts;
  13. Pets (except service animals) are prohibited on the Tennis & Basketball courts;
  14. The use of radios, televisions or similar devices is permitted only when used with headphones;
  15. All refuse must be placed in containers provided for this purpose. Residents are urged to assist in keeping the
    Tennis courts clean and pleasant;
  16. After each play, please empty the trash cans and hang the squeegees under their little house on the fence;
  17. Use of the Tennis courts must be conducted in a safe manner with due respect and consideration for others who are in the nearby areas. Tennis courts rules and courtesies always apply. The use of profane or obscene language is prohibited. Rough play or abusive conduct is prohibited;
  18. Only shoes designed specifically for playing tennis are permitted on the Tennis courts. Proper attire should be
  19. The Association is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal property used or left in the recreational amenities area;
  20. The Tennis & Basketball courts may be closed at the discretion of the Board of Directors;
  21. Prior to each season the ALTA/USTA captain must notify the Tennis Manager they plan to play out of Camden
  22. There is a $25.00 Nonresident fee per season for Nonresidents playing on a Resident’s team. The captain must
    collect the money before the first home match and pay the total amount in one check, made to “Camden Place HOA” to the Camden Place HOA treasurer within 30 days;
  23. If only one team is home, the captain may reserve up to 3 courts for the match. The 4th court must be left open for other residents to play.