January 16


2022 Landscape Report

The landscape committee for Camden Place formed in September 2021 and began planning to simplify and
freshen the shrubs and beds in the community. With the board’s review and approval, diseased
unsightly trees and shrubs were removed from the detention pond area. Trees were trimmed along
Little Willeo as well. This has resulted in a fresher look to the area bringing needed light and sun to
grass, shrubs, and perennial plantings. These changes reduce standing water for mosquitos and open
the area to improve security of the grounds. Consulting with Cobb County regarding our cooperative
maintenance of the detention pond is ongoing

Coincidental to the formation of the committee, the landscape company serving Camden place
terminated its contract. A search began immediately for a landscape company to maintain our
community with a clean, elevated look. Contracts were evaluated based on interviews with five
companies, sight reviews of communities they maintain, services and expertise they provide,
recommendations from community residents they currently serve, and pricing for the products and
services CPHOA requires. Bids were received and a selection with our board’s review and approval was
made at the end of October. The timing of the change limited any choices for seasonal color and cleanup
in September and October.

Our new landscape management group, Unique Environmental Landscape, began to work with the
committee on November 1. They are working with us on maintenance and projects to refresh shrubs
and plants in various areas. This is a period of transition during a busy time of year where they are
getting to know the look Camden Place wants on the grounds. The bed size, color pallet and accent
shrubs will be adjusted in the beds and islands moving forward for additional color and interest. The
beds and grounds are in the process of a thorough clean up to prepare for pinestraw in January.
Moving forward into the new year, screening shrubs will be planted along the detention pond in the
clubhouse parking lot to deter access and shield the view of that area. Additional projects include shrubs
at the Upper Brandon entrance sign for screening, winter trimming on the property and a refresh of the
Broxbourne and Lanbrook entrances. Planning and developing proposals with the landscape architects
at Unique followed by project approval by the board is a part of the project process. The committee
sincerely appreciates your patience as we move forward with these projects over the next 4-6 months..


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