March 17


Camden Place Wins City Finals Tennis

Of the 80,000 individuals who play ALTA tennis around Atlanta, there can only be one winning team for the entire city in any particular division. From Cumming to Peachtree City, teams strategize and obsess over lineups, serving courts and beer choices.  Many of you may have seen the vintage bi-plane circling overhead, skywriting that Camden Place's A1 Mixed Doubles tennis team won the City Finals during this Winter season.

These Camden Place folks may run & jump - but they don't PLAY.... around. Whether it be on the court or cheering on the team, each member hits it hard. For any residents who have had the opportunity to come up to the courts and watch these world-class athletes - in their own minds, - play, to a person everyone leaves having had fun.

There are several teams organized within our neighborhood. If you're interested, come join the fun. 


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